Stand together, we must all go home!

Antifa who???   What in the hell is going on in the world today?  Let me first start off by saying any Police, Fire, and or EMS cuts or salary criticism is absurd.

That uniform is put on daily with the looming thought of never returning home.   As if our job was not dangerous enough now we routinely deal with the “protesters and radicalists”.   The people who have never walked a day in our shoes or a service members.   Then maybe, just maybe you would see why the American flag and National Anthem mean much more then any elected official, or “police brutality claim”.   In 2016, 66 police officers said goodbye to their loved ones and never returned after being shot and murdered.  Please view this from the National  Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund:

So I ask you what is the root cause of this senseless violence?  So far, I have heard it is: Trump, Police Brutality, Black Oppression, The Lunar Eclipse, Hurricane Harvey.   We blame everything possible before we look in the mirror.

The people of the United States are becoming too free!  For a sports team who make millions to sit during our anthem while some of our soldiers cant…..  They cant stand because their time fighting for our freedom has been changed forever by traumatic injuries and even missing limbs.


I work day in and day out with Police Officers, I have family members who are active officers.   Some of my best friends wear the shield.   I have and will continue to back them  no matter what.   Fire, Police, EMS, Dispatch, NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE.




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