What if we were in it together?  As a team!

I have been thinking a lot lately, I know you can smell the burning…  What if we were in it together, as one, as a actual TEAM?   Instead of living the firehouse drama.  What if we actually were “brothers” like we constantly claim to be?   Or is that only on a fireground?

  • Elections are fast approaching which means in normal fashion we will be cutting each other’s throats to earn a spot on the “rank list”.   I encourage all running for positions to dust off their stabb proof vest.   This leads me to who are we voting for?  Is it the most qualified candidate?  Maybe the click ring leader?  The loudest mouth in the house/district?   

The main question to the above  is:  Are we moving forward in a safe manner?, Are we recruiting and retaining members?   Are we pushing away members?  If so we may want to re-think our positioning and remember why we are actually here.   When I joined may years ago the sign up sheet for elections was full of eager, aggressive, passionate leaders who wanted to be the best, but the best as a whole.   Now it seams like you can calculate the sheet prior to being hung.  Just fit the click to the sheet like a puzzle.    

On that note I am going to take my morning nap while visions of pride or lack there of dance in my head….


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