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Should all EMS wear ballistic vests?

Everyday we lose more and more brothers and sisters to horrific crime. 

Is it time for EMS to wear ballistic vests?  Firefighters as well? 
Sound off!! Let us know your feeling…
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Do we really need the “buff or wacker belts”. 

Lately it seems like part of the EMT dress code is to outfit yourself with a “buff belt” which I refer to as a wacker belt.  

I understand being “prepared” but these belts are carrying everything from a set of keys to rappelling gloves and socket sets. Like the gear we carry is not heavy enough.  The only thing that I carry is a raptor (Gerber multi tool) and a spare key with a 02 wrench.  

I saw a younger EMT come into a ER last night with the following on his “buff belt”:  Multi tool, UHF/VHF portable, Chinese brand portable,  bristojet, handcuff case (unknown contents) glove pouch, cell phone case, tourniquet, OC spray?  Really  

Where have the competent Emergency Medical Technicians gone!?!?

What are we teaching in the Basic Life Support classes?   Diesel and lights? Remain on the scene until the medic arrives?   Incompetence?

I see more and more EMT’s awaiting a advanced life support intercert on the scene rather then using the skills you should have been taught and transporting.   Especially with all of the BLS interventions available today.   Narcan, Aspiren, Epi, C-Pap..

We as providers must remember DO NOT DELAY PATIENT CARE, especially definitive care.   Remember your A, B, C,’s and transport.   If you do not make a intercept/meet “oh well, you attempted”,and that is what local and state offices request.  
A cardiac arrest is actually a BLS skill.   Now don’t get me wrong ALS interventions can of course increase the chance of survival but……..  waiting at a residence, roadway, or driveway is doing nothing but decreasing the chance for a successful outcome for your patient not to mention that 3 letter word (SUE) that everyone throws out when something does not go there way or they need a quick dollar.  

EMT is not just a title!  It is a higher power, a trained professional who can react in a split second.  Someone who views horrible images first hand but treats them without being prompted.
Remember take a deep breathe and use your skills.